Check when hiring SEO staff

by Neill 18. September 2010 06:06

I just found this link on Computerworld and thought it might be useful if you're looking at getting a company to optimise your site for Google:

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FCKEditor not showing image upload folder

by Neill 20. April 2010 10:07

I was having problems with the old "browse server" button in fckeditor. I wanted the ability to add images directly and i kept getting the famous "xml response was not in the correct format" with a 500 Internal server error.


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How not to do a website

by Neill 15. March 2010 22:05

I was out at a client today and they have this wonderful little coffee-maker from De Longhi, called a Nespresso. Basically you put a shot in the machine and it builds you a coffee, heating the water through magnetic induction. So i thought i'd have a little look round the Net and see what they go for. At the same time it gave me a chance to check out some of the larger companies e-commerce offerings


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Server migration

by Neill 4. March 2010 20:40

I've just completed a migration from SBS2003 to SBS2008 for a client and i have to say that it ran pretty smoothly. Without having another go at open source, i'd be surprised if you could find documentation as comprehensive as the Microsoft migration document from 2003 to 2008. It runs to more than 80 pages with comprehensive instructions on how to perform the upgrade.


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The Number One issue with websites

by Neill 15. February 2010 10:21

We see it with our customers all the time - they've had someone build them a website that's static and has become out of date. The number one issue with websites, in my opinion, is that businesses don't think about their online strategy. And its not just confined to small businesses either.


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Office 2010 Beta update

by Neill 11. February 2010 13:50

I've been using Office 2010 for a week or so now and i've found some interesting tidbits that may help you. For instance, in Outlook all conversations can be grouped together (this occurs by default) and saves you having to search back through all your mail to find the first message on a subject. Once you've finished dealing with that, its a simple matter of deleting the conversation - which helps free up your inbox.


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Open source not all its cracked up to be

by Neill 11. February 2010 13:31

Open source means freedom from 'anti-feature's

Now, in my time in IT i've come across a number of 'open source' systems and i don't have any particular axe to grind with them as they provide systems and features that are at least as good as propietary software. But the concept of "open" conjures up a utopian view that the end user somehow gets something for nothing - and that couldn't be further from the truth. I make no apologies for the fact that cyberstate sells and supports Microsoft solutions but one thing i have had first hand experience of is "total cost of ownership".


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Computer literacy could boost productivity

by Neill 2. February 2010 17:43

This article was on the NZ Herald Website.

A computer-savvy New Zealand could increase workforce productivity by $1.7 billion per year, according to a new report.

The New Zealand Computer Society Inc (NZCS) report released today shows improved digital literacy could benefit the economy and help marginalised social groups.

The report said that adopting a digital literacy standard would heighten productivity in about 70 per cent of employees at work by 20 minutes a day, or 1.7 hours a week, resulting in an annual $1820 productivity gain per employee.


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Peninsula Golf Club - Monthly Open 2010

by Neill 26. January 2010 12:41

Continuing our sponsorship from last year, we will be hosting the Monthly Open at Peninsula in February.

Date: 17th February

Time: From 7:30am

Location: Peninsula Golf Club


You can book on DotGolf ( or contact Peninsula and tell them Neill sent you. Once again, we'll be taking the opportunity to launch an exciting new product and will have special launch pricing available.

Sue and I look forward to seeing you there.


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Server pricing

by Neill 22. January 2010 17:34

There are some good deals to be had on servers at the moment. If you're well into your current life-cycle on hardware its a good time to get in touch with us regarding upgrades. For example, i've just priced a new server for a client and the hardware only added an additional $700 compared with upgrading their software alone!

Hardware pricing is rapidly reaching commodity pricing and if your current system is more than three years old, then you could make some big gains in depreciation by taking advantage before the financial year ends. Contact us today to see how a new server can fit your business.

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